Meetings 2023

July 10, 2023 Annual Picnic and Plant Exchange at East Texas Park

Details coming soon!

June 12, 2023 6:30 pm at Jordan Lutheran Church “Repurpose, Reuse and Reinvent”

Demonstration presented by Donna Smith

The focus of “This That and the Other Thing” is to retrieve treasures from the past such as old dishes, curiosities and some unique modern pieces and create a new function. These new pieces could be a bird feeder, bird bath or an art piece (that will certainly be a conversation piece with friends).

My sister, Joan and I started our visionary craft pieces about 8 years ago. Our intent was to find a project we could build on to save beautiful glass/dishes from the landfill. 

May 8, 2023 6:30 pm at Jordan Lutheran Church "Discovering our Garden Pollinators" Macro Photography

Program presented by Karen Campbell

Karen shared lots of amazing close-up images of flowers and nectaring insects. She showed what pollination is from the flowering plants' perspective, who their pollinators are, and why insects service our plants. She included tips for our members and guests on taking their own close-up images.

Karen Campbell is a naturalist and macro photographer whose subjects are native plants, wildlife, and their interactions in our yards and local natural ecosystems.

Our hospitality group this evening did another fantastic job providing refreshments for members and guests. Thank you to Carol Nagle, Helen Papathanasiou, Lorraine Kunkle, Dorothy MacLaughlin and Arlan Dietrich for the wonderful spring treats!

April 10, 2023 6:30 pm at Jordan Lutheran Church "Plant Partners"

This beautiful Spring and Easter themed table was provided by our April Hospitality committee. Thank you to Cynthia, Megan, Mary, and Kay for the delicious refreshments and lovely display of plants!

Thoughtful Gardener Heather Andrews was our featured speaker at the PGC April meeting. She presented us with a video journey of her pollinator waystation, Cat-a-pillar Haven, and discussed incorporating plant combinations to enable more food to be grown with less effort.

Heather is an author, photographer, traveler and speaker who works with homeowners and businesses to create sustainable native pollinator habitats.  She grew up as one of 12 grandchildren in North Carolina, and often took walks in her Granddaddy Andrew’s garden, where she learned about pollinators and increasing yield.  During the growing season you will find her in her monarch waystation, Cat-a-pillar Haven, video blogging on her new YouTube Channel, Garden Thoughtfully.  She routinely creates actionable video backyards.  Heather is a two time recipient of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s “Garden of Distinction” Award for her monarch waystation and for a pollinator garden she designed for the historic Craighead House in conjunction with the Master Gardeners of Central PA.  Her award-winning photographs and articles have been featured in magazines and on the online publishing platform 

March 13, 2023 6:30 pm at Jordan Lutheran Church "Wedding Bouquets"

Anita Nagle, wedding coordinator for the Phoebe Floral Shop, presented an entertaining and informative demonstration of the latest in trends in wedding bouquet arrangements. She highlighted ways that she assists wedding couples to get a "Pinterest" look for either a generous or limited budget along with ideas for DIY at home.

Anita has been in the wedding industry for 40 years. In addition to weddings, she does displays at the store, flower classes and presentations. 

Thank you to our Ways and Means Co-Chairs Donna and Patti for handling all of our raffles and fundraising duties!

Our hosts and hostesses for the March meeting provided a green-themed table with snacks and refreshments for the group to enjoy. Thank you to Maria, Helen, Judy, Marie, Deb and also Tom for the beautiful and delicious display of treats!

February 13, 2023, 6:30 pm at Jordan Lutheran Church "Starting Vegetable Seedlings Indoors" 

Our Hospitality Committee provided beautifully presented refreshments for our February meeting with a Valentine's Day theme of floral, hearts and the color red!

Hospitality Committee for February: Thank you Nancy, Marsha, Darlene, Nancy and Gail for providing delicious refreshments for our meeting!

Master Gardener Lynn Dautrich conducted a presentation on the benefits of starting seeds at home, care of seeds, soilless potting mixes, flats, cells, and other containers for starting seeds, and proper conditions from planting seeds to planting in the garden

Lynn first worked in a garden center as a junior in high school, was on the grounds-keeping crew for the Montreal Expos, and worked on a landscaping crew for the Montreal Olympics. Lynn, along with his wife,  was a former owner of a registered organic farm in Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada. He has been an organic gardener since 1977 and master gardener for past 15 years.  He has volunteered at Rodale Farm and community gardens and primarily provides presentations for garden clubs, businesses, and private organizations.